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Storytelling is an art. From the beginning of early modern human life up to open-mic nights people have loved telling stories and listening to stories. From necessity to pure entertainment a story can pack quite the punch. Whether we are passing down the heritage and knowledge of our culture or simply standing on stage sharing a part of our life, crafting the right story can take some work. Sometimes as speakers and storytellers we have to tell “our story” and deliver our message while crafting it to fit a specific set of standards for certain venues and audiences. This podcast cast shares how I crafted a story about an experience to fit the Story Story Late Night venue in Boise, Idaho.

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Show Notes:

  • Alejandro Anastasio as a Story Story Late Night speaker.
  • What it means to tell my story and craft it for a specific venue.
  • The art of storytelling.


  • Story Story Night  Story Story Night is sparking a storytelling phenomenon in the Boise community.
  • One Hand Speaks Episode 001  AlejAndro’s first podcast and the Story Story Night “On the Road: Stories of Travel” related to this current interview.
  • One Hand Speaks Episode 003  AlejAndro’s third podcast and his second Story Story Night story about working at World Class Chili in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. 
  • Stray TheatrePresents the monthly installment of Story Story Night, where host Jodi Eichelberger talks to AlejAndro from his past Story Story Nights.
  • Radio Boise  Boise Community Radio.
  • Visual Arts Collective  Boise and Garden City’s way cool art and music venue.
  • Cool Speak A great group of speakers who empower youth

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