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How do you cut your bread? This question has led to an incredible friendship and also into some incredible international travels. Additionally,  I have made other friends and deep connections in other countries. This question came to me in a Facebook friend request. At first I did not pay any attention to the request. First of all I did not know the requestor. We are often bombarded with fake requests from hackers, scammers, and people posing and beautiful women so I was unsure. As a result I did not even look at the post for a small chunk of time. Then one day I felt the urge to look at the request. That is when I read the question posed to me in the request… “How do you cut your bread?”

As soon as I read it I knew it was something special. That is an issue I have had all my life and only someone with some “inside information” would ask a question like that. After I finished laughing I looked at the Facebook profile and it was this one-handed guy named Raj Brighton. After I finished laughing some more I reached out to him with my answer. The friendship that has unfolded and blossomed has had such a unique, special, and beneficial impact on my life. So many good things has come from him asking this question and me answering back.

This podcast is about how I met my dear and deep friend named Raj Brighton. He is a one-handed man who likes in Glasgow, United Kingdom. But it most of all the good people I have met, friends I have made, and international travel as a result. His simple question has added so much quality to my life in so many ways.

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Show Notes:

  • What to do with all those social media friend’s requests we get from people we do not know.
  • How taking a chance on an unknown Facebook friend request led to something great.
  • Making a new friend online and traveling to another country.
  • I took the place of a one-handed guy in Malaysia. I spent time with his friend’s and family.
  • My new friend Raj Brighton.


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