HELP WANTED: Finding a Job in a Two Handed World and Encouraging Disability Employment – OHS005

AlejAndro smiling and happy being employed in a two handed world with the Bureau of Reclamation

AlejAndro Anastasio smiling and happy being employed in a two handed world with the Bureau of Reclamation

Here is a talk I did for the Bureau of Reclamation about Disability Employment and the benefits of hiring people with Disabilities. I was asked to speak as part of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. This talk covers mostly the good side of my experiences as a one handed worker. However, I do cover some areas that were not so cool. And in all do fairness finding work with one hand was incredible difficult at times. I found it more challenging to work with other people’s perception of me and my potential as an employee than dealing with my own disability. My experiences looking for work in my late teens and early twenties truly had me look and myself and others. In my late twenties I was hired as a graphic designer by the Bureau of Reclamation under the Schedule A hiring practice to help hire people with disabilities.

So much can be said about the human condition. And in my standard process of sharing my one handed life with a positive overtone, humor, and life lessons I hope to bring a higher quality of human to our condition. Please enjoy my stories and unique perspective as I take it to the job workin’ it 9-to-5.

Show Notes:

  • Secret techniques for getting hired with one hand.
  • Talk giving offering my perspective as someone with a disability looking for a job.
  • Dealing with other people’s discrimination.
  • Why I would rather not work for some people.
  • My first truly bad experience trying to find a job with one hand in a two handed world.


  • – Uncle Sam hires people with disabilities. Things you need to know. 
  • Disability Job Exchange – Looking for work? Look Here!
  • OPM.ORG – Federal hiring guidelines for hiring people with disabilities.

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