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I have attended the Oregon Country Fair for 23 years. It has been an important event in my life. I have had many great experiences and have made many life long friends. It is also a festival where people are quite transparent, open, and sincere. Especially children. I must say some of the greatest interactions I have ever had as a one handed person have happened at the Oregon Country Fair. Because of this I have actually looked forward to it in a very one handed way with great joy and anticipation. 

One day at the Oregon Country Fair I was approached by two young teenaged girls. I was just hangin’ out after a musical show looking at the schedule to see what I wanted to do next. I noticed to young girls looking and smiling at me. I smiled back and kept reading the the Oregon Country Fair’s program newsletter call “The Peach Pit.” When I noticed the two of them looking at me again I gave them a really kind and deep smile. The next thing I know these two young girls were right in front of me asking if they could ask me a question. I was slightly stunned by what they wanted to know about my one handed life.

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Show Notes:

  • The strangest questions can be asked by strangers.
  • We never know when someone will sincerely ask you for help.
  • Not having two hands has many benefits. And can even have benefits for others.


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