Giving A Helping Hand To A Little Snowboarding Girl – OHS010

little snowboard girl shredding on the slopes

I offered a helping hand to a little snowboarder girl who was about to get stuck.

This is one of my most precious and personally most endearing stories I like to tell. It has to do with child, one of my favorite hobbies of snowboarding, and being at the right place at the right time. The result was making a small difference in the life of that one child, on that one day, in that one moment, in that one special way.

Often we have opportunities unfold before us where we can make a difference. So much has to do with choice and perspective. Do we make the choice? I guess it has to do with our perspective. The more we look at how in each and every moment we can benefit others, the more each moment offers us. But if we only look at ourselves, at our wants, and our needs… When we only look at ourselves, we cannot see the potential before us. It is not always about us as individuals.

A small amount of help at just the right moment, with kind intention and a gentle touch can help a child blossom and shine. This was my moment!

Show Notes:

  • Seeing an opportunity to help and doing something about it.
  • Speed, timing and touch all played a part in this tender yet powerful moment.
  • Making everything OK.


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