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It is time to get back on a bicycle. After a very long break I am yearning to ride again. I was basically born and raised on raised on bicycles. When I was young I would ride my bicycle to school. As I became a bit older I started to fantasy about big air jumps on my BMX bike. This one-geared two-wheeled vehicle of fun ended when I started college. For a short time I owned a rode bike. My rode biking ended days when I hit a pedestrian at an extremely high rate of speed on the Indiana University campus. When I transferred to the University of Washington in Seattle I started mountain biking. This evolved into my devotion to urban commuter riding. I did five years full time as a bicycle commuter in Seattle and then another five years in Boise Idaho. Until I was 33 years-old I did not own a car. I simply rode a bicycle and it was my lifestyle

In between the lines of all that riding I took a long 66 day bicycle tour. I rode from Seattle, Washington to just outside of my hometown of South Bend, Indiana. A year later I moved to Boise, Idaho and rode my bicycle everywhere including my job through all four seasons. While in Boise I founded, organized, and distributed by bicycle a bicycle publication… Basically a grass-roots local bicycle “zine” called “Spoke’N’Word.”

What can I say, I love bicycles!! And I want to get back on my bicycle and feel the pedal-powered air flowing through my air. This podcast is about my movement back on my bicycle and all that is takes after 15 years of driving a car.

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Show Notes:

  • Getting back on a bicycle after 15 years in a car.
  • The first 33 years of my life was carless and lived on a bicycle.
  • Some weird and cool things about riding a bicycle with one hand.


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