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I could tell the dark haired girl wanted to ask me about my hand only minutes after arriving at the Grand Coulee Dam Visitor’s center. I was there for work. The staff did not know I was a Reclamation employee. Therefore, I took the opportunity to just be a regular visitor and enjoy the displays. That is when I noticed little Chloe looking at me. She wanted to tell her friend to look at me when I “kinda” caught them staring. They seemed more curious than anything. So I gave them some room to just look at me while I pretended to view a display case. I knew if I got closer they would have a better chance of asking me a question. Working with kids in my martial art Aikido school and traveling around the world as a professional speaker and youth empowerment advocate has allowed me to create potential greatness to unfold. As I approached the display case right next to them Chloe did not ask me a question. She actually made a statement. And from the opening I created our moment blossomed into a most beautiful, special, and enjoyable interaction.

Show Notes:

  • Inviting people to ask me “the Question.”
  • Giving children (and adults) the opportunity to look at me.
  • Making everything OK.


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