Embarrassingly Funny Things People Say About My One-Handed Life – OHS038

People say the funniest things. And when you have one hand in a two-handed world certain statements can be funny, weird, and at times lean toward the “not-so-cool.” For most people it is a simple slip of the tongue. Living mostly in a two-handed world means there are a lot of statements and expressions that are habitually two-handed in nature. Add this to the tendency of the human condition to ask, say, or respond with conditioned phrases and the world can be an extremely funny place.

I find them to be funny 98% of the time. What I find more amusing are how people react to the things they just said once they realize I do not have two hands. Or in most cases when they remember that I do not have two hands. One of the funniest moments regarding these phrases was shared in podcast episode OHSO28. Regardless of when or how it happens I simply love it when these statements get spoken and the reactions that follow. It is one of the small pleasures of a one-handed life.

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Show Notes:

  • A podcast about the Human Condition and the two-handed things people say.
  • “Frozen in a moment of eternity” when people realize what they said. 
  • The variety of different two-handed things people say out of conditioned habit.
  • The humor I have and share about my one-handed life.


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