Driving To The Oregon Country Fair – OHS113

I have been attending the Oregon Country Fair (OCF) since 1993. My first visit was when I was living in Seattle. My friends and I had heard about this festival and we spontaneously decided to attend. It was certainly on one the most defining choices of my life at that time. And in a very real way it is still making a difference in my life right now. Currently I live in Boise, Idaho and still find myself going to the Oregon Country fair on a yearly basis. 

Mostly I spent time sleeping at Zumwalt campground and attending The Fair as a daily guest. One year I was asked to spend the night in The Fair by two women who took a liking to me. One two other occasions I worked at my Didgeridoo teacher’s booth and was able to camp at the Fair and stay inside all night. Twice I was a performer at the Youth Stage and was again part of the Oregon Country Fair. No matter how I attended OCF or was part of the Fair I always had to find my way to The Fair.

Getting to the Oregon Country Fair was always a special part of the entire experience. Most of the time I would ride in a car. Once I took a plane to Portland, Oregon and then a bus to Eugene. Twice I took the Greyhound Bus. While I had my 1987 Isuzu Trooper I would drive and sleep in my SUV. But this year for the 50th Anniversary of the Oregon Country Fair I dive solo style. This podcast was recorded in 4 parts as I drove to the Fair. 

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Show Notes:

  • 27 year of attending the Oregon Country Fair.
  • This year was the 50th Anniversary (I was there for the 25th Anniversary).
  • Driving to the Fair is a big part of the process.


  • Podcast OHS020 – This is a great story about a sweet one-handed experience at the Oregon Country Fair.

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