Dogs Attack Me Because I Have One Hand? – OHS091

“Dogs attack me because I have one hand?” I had to repeat the question back to my house-mate because it sounded so odd to me. He said this to me after a long conversation we were having about my unbelievable history of dog attacks, dog chases, and number of times I have actually been bitten by dogs. I had told him about many of my experiences in the past, but it was not until we started to live together that he truly noticed how dogs reacted and responded to me. He is a “dog person” and loves dogs. I, on the other hand, am not. After we had spend the day together which had a number of very unpleasant “dog situations” we were at home talking. He finally said to me, “I think dogs attack you because you only have one hand.” This podcast is about my history of dog attacks, chases, bitings and an oddly unique theory of why it happens.

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Show Notes:

  • As a 5 year-old boy I passed out in fear as a gigantic St. Bernard was about to jump on me and attack.
  • I have been chased or attacked by over forty dogs in my lifetime.
  • Total number of bites and strong nips is seventeen.
  • Once as a young boy I had to drop my school so I could pick up speed to outrun an attacking dog.
  • Theories as to why dogs attack me.
  • My present day dog situation.
  • I love cats.


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