Disabled Traveling: One Handed Adventures by Bicycle and Car – OHS001

AlejAndro on bicycle tour and an illustration of a deer about to get hit by a van. One Hand Speaks Podcast.

Newspaper article about AlejAndro’s cross country bicycle tour and a Story Story Night illustration advertisement of a deer about to get hit by a van. One happened and the other almost did.

These are two short stories about my one handed traveling adventures. The first short story is about some of my experiences on a small speaking tour I did driving my stick shift car. The second story is about some of my experiences on a solo bicycle tour from Seattle, Washington to my home town of South Bend, Indiana. Both offer great insight to life with one hand and traveling with any kind of disability.

Show Notes:

  • I almost killed a baby deer on my way to see my Tibetan Buddhist teacher.
  • Speaking in Boise, Idaho about my traveling experiences.
  • Sharing more one handed traveling experiences on my solo cross country bicycle tour.
  • We saved the life of a river rafter just outside of Swan Valley, Idaho.


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