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After living this one handed life for my entire life I wanted to bring a bit more style and swank to my reflection of fashion. I have always been into fashion. I love shoes and socks and dressing up as much as possible. However, since I do not have two hands I have always had an issue with long sleeves. T-shirts and short sleeved button downs are not an issue and I love wearing them. However, when it comes to hoodies, long sleeved dress shirts, suit jackets, french cuffs and cuff links, dress coats, and coats in general I have always had a lifetime quirk.

It has only been in the last few years that I started to get my clothes custom cut to fit my body. It all started with custom fitting my martial art tops to fit my body. This was mostly to be more efficient and to more more naturally. Then I started to get my suit jackets to fit my “short side.” I started a personal revolution of disabled fashion with a one handed overtone and I ain’t looking back! Not only do I feel and look better in clothes that actually are designed for my body, it also inspires other people. There are so many benefits to living life with one hand!! 

Show Notes:

  • What style means for a one handed man.
  • Making style and clothes fit my body.
  • The benefits of one handed fashion also supports other people’s inspiration.


  • Rebekah Marine The Bionic Model, Rebekah Marine is a true inspiration! @rebekahmarine
  • Nicole Kelly – Speaker, educational lecturer, Miss Iowa 2013, mentor and advocate. @missnicolekelly
  • Ryan Haack Author of “Different is Awesome!” and making true change in the world! See more at LivingOneHanded.com
  • Zach Gowen A one legged superstar, A World Wrestling Entertainment champion, a professional speakers and all around great guy! @zachgowen
  • Nubability Athletics – A great organization for people with special and unique bodies. #dontneed2
  • Boulder Aikikai – My Sensei’s Martial Art School.
  • Bu Jin Design – An excellent resource for your Aikido style!

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