Disability Perks! The Benefits of a One Handed Life – OHS0012

The National Park Service logo with an image of an other Golden Access Passport for having a Lifetime Disability

The National Park Service logo with my Golden Access Passport. These are given out if you have a lifetime disability and they have great perks!

I prefer the cooler side on being born with one hand. That is why I lean on humor and fun. It is rare I play the “disability card” so to speak. But there are times… I often ask to get on a plane, will look for any disability discounts, will use it as a hiring preference, and on more rare occasions I will ask if I can park in the “alter-abled” parking area when speaking at a festival. The Oregon Country Fair has always been supportive of this request. My legs are just fine and I will never ask for a disable parking license plate or status, hide behind my disability, or use myself as an excuse. What I will do is look for the perks of a one handed life. And getting a Golden Access Lifetime Disability Passport from the National Park Service is one of them.

This is a short story of meeting my dear dear friend Stacy near Yellowstone National Park while on my cross country bicycle trip. It is also where I had a great moment requesting not to pay the entrance fee as I was here to also apply for a Golden Access Disability Passport.

Show Notes:

  • Getting A Golden Access Lifetime Passport for having a Disability.
  • The funny ways I show people I have a lifetime disability.
  • Meeting a friend in Yellowstone National Park while riding my bicycle across the USA.


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