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A few days ago I arrived back in the United States after being on a Buddhist pilgrimage in Tibet for just over two weeks. The pilgrimage itself was twelve full days of deep buddhist activity and practice. I had 3 days in the Chinese City of Chengdu before I fly to Lhasa, Tibet to begin my 12 pilgrimage adventure. There was a day and half of travel in both directions for a total of 18 days. I arrived back on Friday, July 5th at about 11pm. There is a fourteen hours time difference moving forward going to Tibet and China. Presently I am feeling the jet-lagged affects moving backwards fourteen hours as I transition into my life’s flow here in the City of Trees known as Boise, Idaho.

There is so much to process and express about the twelve formal days I spent in Central Tibet on pilgrimage. There will be many future podcasts about this experience and other great travel experiences from other adventures in the future. For this installment of the One Hand Speaks Storytelling Podcast I simply want to express and share what it is like coming back from a Buddhist Pilgrimage in Tibet. An experience like this should have a profound impact on a person. It should change a person on many different levels. It should mean something… And it did. I am different.

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Show Notes:

  • After 12 days on a Buddhist Pilgrimage in Central Tibet I did not come back the same.
  • I almost got robbed in the Los Angeles Airport (LAX).
  • I just feel different.


  • Podcast OHS105 – Podcasting about going on a Buddhist Pilgrimage and Medical Mission to Tibet in 2017.

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