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A coffee shop scene of a young red headed barista girl making espresso

AlejAndro loves to drink coffee and therefore spends a lot of time in coffee shops. As a result he has had many weird, cool, and quaint one-handed experiences in coffee shops. Most of the time it is with other customers and coffee drinkers. This time it was with the barista.

I am a big fan of coffee. Which I can say is related to my love of coffee shops. As a result I do spend a lot of time drinking coffee and hangin’ out in coffee shops. Many hilarious, captivating, and unique one-handed experiences have unfolded while I was just “chillin’ like Bob Dylan” in a coffee shop. This story is about one of those moments. However, this is not some quirky Q&A conversation with a 5 year old about the ins and outs of a life with one hand. Nor was this an accidental “two-handed” slip of the tongue in conversational phrasing leading to awkward moments of greatness. No… This was a something much more subtle and deeply more profound.

It was a day like any other day at the Java Hyde Park coffee shop in the historic “North End” neighborhood of Boise, Idaho. The place packed with people sitting, drinking coffee, eating, and waiting for their java “bowl of soul.” The moment was alive and active in that pre-work kind of way. It was early morning and the line was long. I waited patiently as one of my favorite baristas was taking orders. Her deeply considerate and profoundly sincere simple gesture of thoughtfulness left me slightly stunned in a momentary state of eternity. It is a moment and a gesture I have never forgotten. And I will always appreciate.

Show Notes:

  • A powerful moment expressed in a single sincere gesture of thoughtfulness.
  • The kindness of a coffee barista.
  • A moment that moved me deeply, I have never forgotten, and often share with others.


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