Celebrating May 1st 2018 “May Day” in Russia – OHS053

The 1st of May, or “May Day” has been celebrated across countries, cultures, civilizations, and among people for thousands of years. In fact, it is one of the oldest and most celebrated non-secular holidays in the world. In Russia there is a very long standing tradition and celebration.

May 1 was a symbol of class struggle in Russia for about 100 years (1890-1990). Workers held annual protests on this day from 1890 to 1917, demanding better work conditions and higher wages. In 1918, May 1 became an important public holiday, known as the Day of the International Solidarity of Workers, in the Soviet Union. Most Soviet cities had parades and obligatory workers’ marches on this day until 1990. The Russian Parliament renamed the holiday as Spring and Labor Day in 1992.

I just happen to be in St. Petersburg, Russia during this holiday. It is celebrated for three days starting Monday, April 30 through Wednesday, May 2nd with May Day falling on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018. The feel on the streets was festive, relaxed, and joyful. I have been a fan, supporter, and admirer of “May Day” for over twenty years. I held a “May Day” Celebration in Boise, Idaho for 10 years which grew into a large gathering and celebration in one of the local parks. It is such a great experience to be in St. Petersburg, Russia on this most festive holiday.

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Show Notes:

  • May 1st or “May Day” Celebrations.
  • May Day is one of the oldest non-secular holidays in the world.
  • Russian Spring or Labor Day Celebrations.
  • International Workers’ Day in Russia.


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