“Are You A Superhero?” Greatest One-Handed Moments #2 – OHS072

“Hey mister, are you a superhero?” This was the question asked of me from a 5 year-old boy at the San Francisco airport. I had just cleared the security check point and was now putting on my boots, my jacket, and gathering my things just like everyone else. The next thing I know I can feel someone tugging at the bottom of my very long leather coat. As I turned around to look who it was I saw no one there. Realizing the tugs were soft and low to the ground I turned my gaze toward the ground. And there he was… A small wide-eyed 5 year-old boy was looking at me with great anticipation and excitement. He then asked me the question I have waited my entire life to hear, “Hey mister, are you a superhero?” This podcast is about that short and very special interaction with this little boy. It is also one of my greatest one-handed moments.

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Show Notes:

  • Alejandro is asked if he is a superhero by a young boy at the San Francisco airport.
  • The little boy was so excited to meet a “real” superhero.
  • The three lessons AlejAndro gave to this little wanna-be superhero about how to get started training to be a superhero.


  • The Guardian of Hope  This is the website to AlejAndro’s superhero speaking persona.
  • Bella Rachlin  The illustrator of AlejAndro’s comic book superhero and super villains.

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