An International Non-Verbal One-Handed Interaction – OHS056

Here is just a sweet and endearing story of a non-verbal interaction I had with one young child at the end of my travels in Central Europe and the Czech Republic. I am not sure what country she was from and therefore do not know what language she spoke. I can tell you it was not the language of the Czech Republic and it certainly was not English. This was a very common situation for me while staying at the Mosaic House in the heart downtown Prague, Czech Republic. This youth hostel was a very hip and cool international stop-over for people traveling from all over the world.

As one of my last interactions at the Mosaic House, and in Prague, I had the pleasure and absolute fortune of having a international father and his three young girls (one was an infant) sit next to me in the cafe on the mail floor of the hostel. This spot was the “melting pot” of  international flavor. They came in and sat down next to my area while I was up getting a second round of food or another double cappuccino. When I was walking back to my seat I was scratching my nose with arm that has no hand. I noticed this young little girl staring at me with a mouth full of food frozen in time and looking as if she was about to choke on her food. As I sat down next to her family I knew I was about to have a special interaction. This is the story of an international non-verbal one-handed interaction with a little girl who’s father and family happened to sit next to me.

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Show Notes:

  • Interacted non-verbally with children from another country.
  • How much can you share and express with someone who does not speak your language.
  • One of my most special one-handed interactions with a child.


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