An Alligator Bit My Hand Off At The Western Idaho Fair

I enjoy not having two hands. There are many interesting and unique benefits of having one hand. Not to mention some crazy and fun interactions. I know this can sound a bit strange but it is true. Almost on a daily basis I find myself experiencing interactions and situations where having one hand, with the right attitude and perspective can result in some very memorable life experiences.

They are not always long interactions with a lot of questions and answers of curiosity and understanding. In fact, most of these types of situations are on the very short side. Based on my experience it can be best if these are very short. Though most of the time these moments happen with children that is not always the case. It is just that children may be experiencing someone like me for the first time. I like to call these interactions “first contact.” At other times children are the ones who are willing to ask the obvious and direct questions. I love this quality about kids. So many times kids will ask the obvious question without asking any “lead in” questions as many adults do. This can allow for some pretty outstanding moments. I wish I had a picture of every awkwardly embarrassed parent standing wide-eyed and frozen after the honesty of their child was spoken.

Then sometimes it is simply the timing of the moment. The way in which a moment unfolds with all the ingredients and elements present that make a moment special. I am always excited to see how my one-handed life will unfold on a moment-to-moment basis in the everyday average routines we all experience. But that is the magic. That is what makes having one hand so special. It makes then takes these average and routine day-to-day and moment-to-moment parts of our lives and transforms them into moments of extraordinary greatness. Having one hand can turn the mundane into the profound and sometimes into the absolutely hilarious.

The list of these beautiful interactions with children and adults is very long. Each one has it’s own special appeal. Each one has had some kind of impact on me whether profound, humorous, endearing or any combination of these and other qualities. And therefore, the people I have shared these experiences with got something out of it too. Or at least I hoped they did.

In blog #4 in my “40 Blogs in 40 Days about my first 40 Podcasts” I am writing about my Podcast Episode OHS009. This podcast shares with you one of these really short moments that unfolded and then manifested into such a funny experience. I could not ask for better timing in a better situation with better people. Everything was there and I seized the moment.

This all happened at the annual Western Idaho Fair here in Boise, Idaho. Like any local fair there are rides and games and music and animals and all the things that make a fair great. This is an Idaho tradition and families come from all around to be a part of it. For 10 days there are people winning prizes, kids eating cotton candy, people waiting in line for the rides, and this one particular year they had a reptile display. Lizards, and snakes, and alligators oh my!

Mind you this was a young alligator and not very big. But it was big enough to be is a large glass container and draw quite the crowd. Every time I would come by to take a look it was crowded with people. But one time I walked by there was no one there. I thought to myself, “now is the time.” As I began to get closer a young father with his 5 year old son were also coming to take a look at the alligator. What happened next goes down in my one-handed history book as one of the most perfectly timed moments and situations. Like I said, everything was there for the potential of something great to happen, and it did. Standing there together was a young boy, and alligator, and a one-handed man.

To find out what happens next in the story I invite you to listen to my Podcast Episode OHS009. Please feel free to share this blog or my podcast and I ask you to offer a comment with your opinion and feedback! Thanks!

One Hand Speaks Storytelling Podcast Episode OHS009

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