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In 2017 I spent about a month in Tibet and China. I went on the request of a very good friend who wanted me to help her in support of a Medical Mission in the Dzogchen Valley of Tibet. This was a very rare opportunity as a Buddhist to visit Tibet. Additionally, as a Dzogchen Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhist, this was also a rare chance to visit the home village of my Buddhist Teacher and the Dzogchen Monastery. Most importantly, this was a beneficial occasion to be in the service of people who deeply need it.

After a week of medical service and a week drive time in and out of Tibet I found myself back in the City of Chengdu, China. I spent two more days in Chengdu shopping for Buddhist supplies and visiting the Panda Bears before traveling to see a good friend of mine in the City of Yangshuo. From there I took a high-speed train to the Shaolin Temple in the Henan Province. I spent seven days at the Shaolin Temple on a Buddhist and Martial Art pilgrimage.

This podcast was an interview with G. Mark Philips and Enhancing The Human Experience podcast. Mark asked me if he could interview me about my time in Tibet and China.

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Show Notes:

  • G. Mark Philips and Enhancing The Human Experience Podcast.
  • Learn more about AlejAndro as a Buddhist.
  • Experiencing a Buddhist Medical Mission.
  • Visiting the Shaolin Temple in China.


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