AlejAndro Anastasio, One Hand Speaks
Professional International Speaker, Podcaster, and Wanna be Superhero.

AlejAndro Anastasio has spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Finland, Estonia, Austria, the Czech Republic and across the United States. He was a semi finalist in the 2014 Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking and has delivered two TEDx Talks. AlejAndro has shared his unique perspective of resilience, resolve, and flexibility with corporations, organizations, and seminars across the country. Having a unique perspective on overcoming obstacles AlejAndro has spoken and inspired people of all ages by helping them realize the power of their thinking. From five to eight year olds, to middle school to high schools to colleges AlejAndro has shared his story and impacted the lives of youth and people for the better. 

Born and raised in Indiana without his left hand, AlejAndro Anastasio has decided to look at all the benefits of a one handed life through the power of our thinking. He has been a professional artist his entire life and credits his creative cleverness to his one handedness. He believes one of the benefits of not having two hands is being more clever, and by necessity more creative. His life experience has allowed him to turn what most would view as a limitation into unlimited power.

AlejAndro is a third degree black belt in Aikido while also holding black belts in Kajukenpo Karate and Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu. He owned and operated a full time professional martial art school for 10 years, rode his bicycle from Seattle, Washington to Chicago, Illinois, and was ranked top twenty in the nation in pocket billiards while in college. As a life long artist and performer he has shown his art and performed in many arts shows and supported many events in the state of Idaho. As a philanthropist AlejAndro has invited and produced some very unique and entertaining shows and projects for his communities.