A Slice Of Hawaiian Life Vacationing With My Mother – OHS081

My mother and I spent day days on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It has been her dream for the past 53 years to visit Hawaii. Ever since she saw the movie with Elvis Presley called, “Blue Hawaii” she has always wanted to go. So to repay the kindness of my mother I treated her to the vacation of her dreams. We had a most incredible time. This podcast is the story of one of the best days of the ten days we spent together on Kauai.

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Show Notes:

  • A wonderful slice of Hawaiian vacation life with my mother.
  • Salt Pond Beach.
  • Coffee at Little Fish Coffee in Old Town Hanapepe.
  • Visiting Waimea Canyon State Park on the spontaneous suggestion of a friend who happened to call.
  • Watching the sunset at Polihale Beach and State Park on the suggestion of two locales.
  • Later night Korean Barbecue at a Lihue Chinese/Korean eatery.
  • Finished the night at a local pub listening to the locals signing karaoke while we drank beer.


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