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This is a short “slice-of-life” story about my one-handed life, riding the bus in the city of Seattle, and the word “disability.” Riding the public bus system in Downtown Seattle, Washington is story enough. I think that can be said for any major city. However, the seven years I lived in Seattle during the explosion of the Grunge music scene was a very special time. Public Transportation was a thing! Generally speaking, people loved riding the bus, the ferries, and the Light Rail. There was a real sense of community on public transportation. Seattle was very “alive” at that time. It was a great time to be there.

I moved to Seattle in early 1991 just after the band Nirvana went national. Most of my time in Seattle was as a devoted bicycle commuter. And at the same time I spent quite a bit of time on the bus system for a few reasons. It did rain a lot during the year and I did not always want mushrooms growing on my back, I also got to ride the bus at no cost since I had what was considered a “disability.” Lastly, the bus system was uniquely cool and hip, and fast and efficient. As a result I spent a lot of quality time on the bus.

Often the short interactions had a special feel to them. Most of the time people were pretty open to the types of fleeting moments of conversation. On many occasion I would find myself engaged in some type of one-handed Q&A sessions with people of all ages, creeds, colors, and dispositions. This is a short story about one of those interactions.

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Show Notes:

  • The spontaneous and cool interactions that arise on the bus regarding my one-handedness.


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