A Radio Boise Stray Theatre Story Story Night Interview With AlejAndro Anastasio – OHS070

Jodi Eichelberger, Artistic Director of Story Story Night in Boise, Idaho, interviews AlejAndro Anastasio about his first ever Story Story Night story and where he is now in relation to that story. It was part of the “On the Road: Stories of Travel” show from July 2010.  AlejAndro spoke about some of his adventures riding his bicycle from Seattle, Washington to just outside of Chicago, Illinois to his home town of South Bend, Indiana. The interview was cut down and added to the original story for Story Story Night on Radio Boise’s monthly addition of “Stray Theatre” which aired on July 29, 2018. The interview focuses on AlejAndro’s one-handed bicycle travels and where AlejAndro is now with his current state of traveling.

This full uncut interview is the feature for this weeks One Hands Speaks Storytelling podcast. There is some great content is relation to AlejAndro as an international speaker, storyteller, and all around artistic person. So much of the quality of this interview was based in the great questions asked by Jodi and the conversation that unfolded.

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Show Notes:

  • Alejandro Anastasio as a Story Story Night speaker.
  • An interview about his July 2010 “On the Road: Stories of Travel,” current travels, and life as a speaker and artist.


  • Story Story Night  Story Story Night is sparking a storytelling phenomenon in the Boise community.
  • One Hand Speaks Episode 001  AlejAndro’s first podcast and the Story Story Night “On the Road: Stories of Travel” related to this current interview.
  • Stray TheatrePresents the monthly installment of Story Story Night, where host Jodi Eichelberger talks to AlejAndro from his past Story Story Nights.
  • Radio Boise  Boise Community Radio.

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