A Nightmare Come True – OHS063

One of my biggest fears in life has been to break my right hand or my wrist. I have come close many times. Once I broke my right collar bone taking a big air jump with a bad landing on my snowboard. When I was in college at Indiana University at a party I was sitting on the floor watching our basketball team on television. Some girl who had a bit too much to drink tripped and fell on the small group of us who were sitting on the floor. As I tried to roll out of her way she landed on my open hand at just the right moment and at just the right angle to deeply jam my thumb. For almost two weeks I could not move my thumb without pain or apply pressure with my thumb to grab and hold things. On more occasions than I want to admit I have deeply cut the pad of my thumb. This can drop my functional capacity 60% or more.

Above and beyond all these personal one-handed human body catastrophes, my biggest fear has been to break a bone in my hand or wrist. It felt like I broke a bone and even got an x-ray just to be sure. Though nothing was broken, something was torn. This is not my greatest fear, however, it has certainly become my second greatest concern.

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Show Notes:

  • What it means to hurt your only wrist.
  • The doctor said I should not move my arm for a month!
  • What to do when your only wrist and hand are “out-of-commission.”
  • I am sure glad I have a MoviePass.


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