A Child’s Helping Hand

It is interesting how some children want to go out of their way to help me do the simple things in life. I find this quality very sweet and endearing. Adults have it at times too but mostly I see it in little children. Additionally, children can also be more open with their questions, their intentions, and their actions. Many of my memories as a child in relation to other children have a negative overtone to them. Though I was teased and bullied a lot by other kids when I was a child because I have one hand, I do not think the majority of my experiences with kids were negative. Many of my worst memories as a child about how I was treated because I do not have one hand came from adults. Again, I do not think the majority of my experiences as a child with adults were negative. I believe we can cling to negative experiences and memories too much, for too long, and reflect on them in not the right way. I think about this a lot right now as an adult because my experiences with child are much different than when I was a child.

What I notice and experience in my one-handed adult life is how much kids want to help me. It comes up at funny times and sometimes I the funniest of places. It has something to do with not living so many years combined with thinking about how hard it would be to do things with one hand. As a result I get asked a lot by kids if I need help or I get asked if they can help me. Sometimes there is no question at all and only the sincere action of a child. In all these cases I am touched by the genuine kindness of these children and their intention. When these moments arise I have learned to just let these children help me even if I do not need the help. How I respond is dependent on the age of the child, the situational location, and the activity. However, in most cases I will let the child help me whether I need the help or not. I believe it is important to accept the help of others if they genuinely want to help you, especially kids. 

There are times adults have had this same sincere intention and I podcasted about that in the past. To listen to these stories please click the links for podcast episode OHS022 and episode OHS029. However, at my age I am most asked by children if they can help me. Some of my experiences have brought tears to my eyes because of the absolute pureness of there intention. Other times I have laughed so hard my stomach hurt because of the strange “child logic” statements that flow from their minds. Regardless of how these moments unfold, they are some of my most precious one-handed experiences.

To listen to the story of how child offer me a helping hand I invite you to listen to my One Hand Speaks Storytelling Podcast Episode OHS042.

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